The best social media platforms for developing all types of influencers and marketing approaches.

More than half of the world uses social media; approximately 59% and 424 million new users are now online this year. The inevitable fact that technology and social media are developing allows numerous influencers marketing opportunities to their social media followers. Individuals, teams, organisations and brands can implement marketing approaches like endorsements and product placement to bring greater brand and product awareness.

Most popular social media platform

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with approximately 89% of people using it. Facebook is the most commonly preferable platform for influencers surveyed in 2016. Therefore, generally, Facebook would be a suitable and effective social platform for any influencer marketing. However, on the other hand, other social media platforms like Youtube are considered the second most popular platform among men, while Instagram is for women. Even new platforms like Tiktok would attract most young teenagers and adults regarding being new and involving the latest trends.

The five types of influencers

  • Micro-influencer 
  • Celebrity influencer
  • Blog influencer
  • Social media influencer
  • Key opinion leader

Although each type of influencer may incorporate a different marketing approach, 80% of marketers say that influencer marketing is effective. Similarly, 89% think it works just as well as, if not better, other marketing channels. Since social media users have various reasons and motives to participate in social media, understanding and implementing a relatable and authentic marketing approach can influence and inform the target audience. Examples of some motives are:

Marketing approach

Therefore depending on influencer marketing position and target market can also identify which social media platform is most effective. For example, like Michael Jordan’s new basketball shoes, by understanding that the majority of the target audience would range from young male teenagers to adults, implementing an advertisement or posting shorts, clips or videos through Youtube is one of the most effective strategies.

Further, acknowledging the significant power of influencers’ personalities and images can influence the trust of their followers. Presenting genuine and authentic personality and relationships can develop loyal fan communities, and sharing honest feedback on products or services can reinforce the influencer’s credibility and brand/product reputation.

Another approach is informing or advertising to a large audience that can relate to the influencer marketing strategy; as shown above, 83% of social media users catch up with family and friends by incorporating products or services that can support or encourage is also a useful method.


Depending on the target audience, different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat or Facebook and marketing approaches can influence consumers and social media followers. The genuine authenticity of the influencer’s personality is critical in developing loyal followers and fans.

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