Is marketing dead? Are social media and digital marketing dead?

What marketers really think about social media and digital marketing

Marketers are people who promote an organisation’s product or services—analysing, identifying and figuring out the strategies to increase sales and revenue while making sure and aligning with the customer’s needs as well as market demand.

Social media and digital marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that exists online, also called ‘online marketing.’ The marketing efforts that occur on the internet in the form of digital channels such as emails, search engines, websites and social media, even including communication through text or multimedia messages.

Social media marketing is leveraging social media platforms to promote the brand and sell products or services.

The significance of digital marketing

The new world of technology, communication and socialising provides unique opportunities for marketers to develop customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty through a virtual process and utilise data and information into valuable and practical strategies to build brand/product awareness.

89% of marketers acknowledge the importance of social media. With 53% of the world population active on social media, the marketer’s adaptiveness and innovativeness are essential to the new audience of consumers. The various social media platforms present new opportunities for potential customers, with 13 new users on social media every second.

Every business requires digital marketing. It is necessary to understand the benefits of digital marketing for businesses; the affordability, flexibility, expansion, interactivity and mobile access are reasons businesses and marketers to incorporate and acknowledge digital marketing.

Affordability – in contrast to other forms of marketing, the digital advertisement process is less expensive.

Flexibility – the less expensive digital marketing method allows businesses to test and stop poorly performing campaigns, discovering various high-quality, creative and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Expansion – with the increasing use of the internet and online shopping, online marketing can appeal to people, bring awareness and automatically inform existing or potentially interested customers about the brand.

Interactivity – having access to communicate directly with customers through website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts. Allows businesses to gather invaluable information on customers’ reactions and preferences, making customers feel respected and part of a community.

Mobile access – with more people owning a smartphone, emails, texts and ads can help reach customers through everyday use like social media, watching videos and using apps.

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