How understanding consumer motivation can spread ideas

Word of mouth effectiveness

The word-of-mouth approach is a reliable and effective marketing tool, especially from sources like family or friends. Spreading information, personal opinions and recommendations, the strategy demonstrates that it is primarily about sharing something of interest to an audience, not advertising. Moreover, word-of-mouth effectiveness relates more to persuasiveness than advertising as it comes from a trusted source. 

The effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing is demonstrated by $6 trillion of annual consumer spending, further is estimated to account for 13% of consumer sales. In contrast to a paid media impression, consumers are 90% more likely to trust and purchase a brand or product recommended by a family or friend, especially when 88% of consumers place the highest trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.

Consumer motivation

Understanding people’s motivation is necessary to understand why people share recommendations, opinions or information about a brand or product in the first place. From expressing emotions to achieving something or even looking good in front of an audience, understanding what that thing is or consumer motivation further acknowledges consumer sharing and purchasing behaviour, leading to being more effective.

For marketers and organisations to understand consumers, motivation is essential to appeal to and satisfy the internal drive of physiological and psychological needs and wants because motivations are the primary drivers of purchase decisions.

For example, implementing the six contagiousness principles can encourage the business to run a successful campaign. Although not all principles are required, some can be more suitable or effective for specific products. This strategy does provide a practical explanation and information on the content’s social success.

The characteristics of the message provide a good indication of contagious content and determine why some content is shared more social than others.

Spreading ideas, going viral

Implementing current events and trends is essential for spreading ideas and successful viral campaigns for the organisation. Utilising the internet like Google or social media spaces like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram by incorporating newsworthy content or involving high searching keywords can increase chances of recognition and traffic.

The impact of celebrities or ‘tastemakers‘ presents the opportunities for posts, comments, videos and content to reach a new and significant audience. Moreover, building a community of people that can participate, communicate and even develop or innovate something new, different and unexpected can revive a song, short clip, video or even image to go viral.

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