How is the revolution of mobile technology transforming marketing?

What is mobile marketing?

The concept of connection and access to any personal or public information through the internet, mobile marketing is a two-way communication or promotion between an organisation and its customers using mobile devices or technology. Mobile marketing is personal, interactive, time-relevant and location-independent elements to individuals.

Mobile technology advancements

Technology usage has unexpectedly increased and has evolved into an essential product for information, communication, entertainment and even work. Subsequently, mobile devices and social media have also advanced and expanded as it is more accessible and necessary in today’s society.

The evolution of mobile devices, the internet and social media has seriously impacted mobile marketing because businesses and marketers nowadays do not need a mobile marketing strategy, yet the strategy requires mobile. The adjustments and modifications businesses had to make because mobile and digital technology’s effects on consumer behaviours fundamentally differ; therefore, an essential marketing strategy is customer insight for businesses to succeed.

The difference and evolution of mobile technology can be seen through the mobile search advancements, hardware and software, like:

  • Location of search
  • Voice search
  • Mobile apps
  • Telecommunication
  • Time-sensitive
  • Search by image and visual
  • Image and screen quality
  • Cameras
  • Gaming
  • GPS
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Location-based services (e.g. Bluetooth, NFC)
  • Wallet etc.

Especially with the majority of people acquiring a mobile device, the number of users for apps, social media platforms, and marketing is quickly and significantly increasing. An example demonstrating this is the time it took 50 million users for the telephone product, which was 50 years. In contrast, the Pokémon Go app took only 19 days, which indicates just how significant mobile devices have become; moreover reveals how more people are spending time on mobile devices.

The marketing transformation

The impact mobile devices have had on customers and consumers results in spending a significant amount of time on these devices, consequently affecting the brands’ approach to connecting, engaging and advertising to customers. In real-time, the marketing strategies incorporate the internet, social media, advertising and e-commerce. The mobile technology evolution has altered from interacting in person to real-time conversations and interactions over the phone through an app or website. For brands and organisations, incorporating mobile marketing was an approach to better understand people’s perceptions and insights to promote brands effectively and encourage potential customers to purchase products.

Mobile marketing strategies

An example of an organisation’s mobile marketing strategy is creating and developing a successful app. Fundamental features include achieving the consumer’s purpose or need and an easy learning process on how to use the app. Moreover, frequently implementing new content or updates can encourage consumers to engage and be interested in the brand app. For convenience, using the app on multiple and various devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers, low battery consumption and being free are the most practical tools for a successful app.

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